Boost your social life, here and now.

An application that places human interactions at the center of its concerns!

  • The more you scan
  • The more you meet
  • The more you win

The social game that sends you from the virtual to the real in an instant

The first Icebreaker that sends you missions to meet people who are in your cell. You can ask them to be friend in order to meet them.




New meetings


ZYMs distributed


Free drinks


Le Jules Verne, Le Couche Tard...
Le Jules Verne
Le Couche Tard
Le London Pub
Le Martin's Café
Le Not a Beer
L'Envie Pizza

Best of the contest... for now!


Instant and fun meetings

It is time to get you out out of your comfort zone and make you meet as many new people as possible, very close to you, and in a record time. The Enzym application is more than a mobile application. It is a brand new concept responding to the obvious richness of physical and spontaneous encounters by enhancing it through the circulation of ZYMs given by players to other players: Generosity.

Its construction and success can be summed up in one sentence: “give before receiving”. For this reason our street marketing is geared towards local shops and more specifically bars and venues where you will be able to withdraw your drinks earned while playing.

Also, you might be lucky enough to meet one of our ambassadors around the corner. This is definitely our philosophy, will it be yours?

A blockchain solution

By playing Enzym you will contribute to the human interactions mix, but not only. You will also participate in one of the first social networks integrating a Blockchain solution. Indeed, our project is to create a cryptocurrency indexed on the amount of human interactions that the application generates: Life.

At the moment you can exchange Mobile Application ZYMs with ERC20 ZYMs (Ethereum Blockchain) but our goal is to quickly integrate a Blockchain solution directly into the mobile application. What is the benefit? Blockchain technology will allow us to decentralize much of the application and ensure players’ anonymity.

In our wildest dreams, ENZYM will be able to operate with a very limited Internet connection. Players’ smartphones will communicate directly with each other within a radius of 100 meters and ZYMs will be exchanged from peer to peer (P2P), without intermediary.

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